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The Minimalist collection has been inspired by simple yet elegant geometric shapes of everyday life with the intent of transforming them to beautiful fashionable pieces of jewelry!

The stone collection has been inspired by stones with the intent of taking minimalism to the next level. Expressing raw beauty and elegance.

Was inspired by the concept of love. *We are love and we live it, in it’s different conventional or unconventional shapes and forms*

Bora was Inspired by the feeling of cozy during the holiday timesĀ  expressing infinite love and happiness. The peaces are made for everyday comfort designed in soft dainty shapes.

Allays in movement – this collection features soft simple natural shapes transformed into unique pieces of art when wearing. Timeless pieces of jewelry for the busy women with a sense of style and elegance!

Bold, Modern and Fashionable! Inspired by industrial constructed objects and translated to wearable modern jewelry for fashionable women who is confident and not afraid to make a statement with her style.

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